Young Man Sings Tribute To His Dead Brother. Touches The Hearts Of Audience And Judges. Tears.


Christian Burrows, an X-Factor contestant, gave one unforgettable audition in the show. Burrows was convinced by Judge Cowell to sing an original song.

“I’ve got a song for my brother who passed away when I was only young,” Burrows explains. “It’s just a song that means everything to me and only my mum’s ever heard it.”

He was a little shy at first but when he picked up his guitar, he started to open up his life through a very emotional song.

“I would do anything to be 2-years-old again to imagine what we could have done what we could have been,” he sang.


“Making paper planes until the sun goes down I would hold your hand as your squeezing onto mine,” another lyric went. “I’m not the same but I hope you’re proud I wish your little face was still around.”

“Very beautiful song, very beautiful,” said judge Sharon Osbourne. “I like you a lot you’re very pure in what you do it has a great charm to it.”

His performance was very heart stirring that the judges were in tears! Even the audience were touched and moved by the tribute he made for his brother.

“It’s very brave to share that song with us because it’s so personal,” he said. “I don’t know how you did that but I think it’s important that you did do that because it told us who you were as an artist and actually as a person. You’ve got real talent, I think you’re great with lyrics.”

Burrows was overwhelmed by Cowell’s words and it brought a tear to his eye and his mother’s who was in attendance.

Not only did his performance touch their hearts, but also the hearts of people who view the video more than 18 million times on YouTube.

Watch this touching video below. You can try not to cry but you have been warned.

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