Woman In Distress, Pregnant And Needing Help Reveals The Genuine ‘Good’ In Americans.


With all that is happening in the world today- discrimination, crimes, cyberbullying, one would think that the earth is the worst place to live in. But not all of that is true. There is always kindness in people. There is still hope in humanity.

There are still good people and unsung heroes living today. They serve and live a simple life in secret, so they should be appreciated in public. Thanks to social media!

The Ellen Show wants to promote and bring awareness to the fact that there are still people willing to help others. There’s this segment “Cash for Kindness” where Ellen sent a member of her crew, Amy, to test the capacity for kindness in strangers.

Amy wears a fake pregnancy belly and appears to be distressed. She was parked on the side of a street with a packed U-Haul and pretend to unpack a box and spill the contents everywhere. This will test whether or not a stranger would help a pregnant woman in need.


Caught on camera, we see some cars just pass through without noticing and some cars hesitating to pull over.

To make this test more intense, Amy pretends to get down on the floor and cry in distress. Few seconds after, three people approach Amy to see what was wrong with her and offers her some help by picking up all the things on the floor.

And so their kindness is rewarded! Amy told them that they are in the segment of “Cash for Kindness” by Ellen Degeneres. And that Ellen wanted to give them money for their act of kindness.

“That was really sweet of you to stop,” Ellen said. “One car actually went out of their way to get around her.”

“I just saw her, she was big and pregnant and she looked like she needed help and I was like she is about to pop I need to go and get her stuff out of the road,” one of the woman explained. “Yeah, I stopped I thought maybe she needed some help.”

Each received $500 for their simple act of kindness. They were all shocked and pretty happy about the reward.

Watch the clip below to see the rest of the kindness test!


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