Why Would A 94-Year-Old Widower Invite Children From The Neighborhood To His Home? Astounding!



Once you’ve reached the point of old age and no one left to be with, loneliness becomes a great struggle. Advancing in age sometimes results to losing connections and participation in daily activities due to poor memory and physical ability. This stage in life is inevitable.

But one man is breaking this cycle. A retired district court judge, Keith Davison, has now reached the ripe old age of 94 years. He lives alone in his house since his beloved wife passed away. He feels incomplete and lonely without her. Each passing day was filled with melancholy. And to battle his loneliness, he decided to do something worthwhile and exciting!

Living alone and lack of family ties, Keith Davison planned an activity that could initiate new friendships around the neighborhood. All he desired was to fill his house with the sound of joyous noise and laughter.


Keith Davison funded the construction of a swimming pool in his backyard. And it’s not just a kiddie pool! The pool is 9 feet deep beneath its diving board and 32 feet long.

After his pool project was completed, he invited his neighbors and their families to come and celebrate with him. Perfect for summertime!

His neighbors were overwhelmed and surprised by the kindness of this old man. They could not believe that someone would open his doors for strangers and allow them to use the pool. It sure was one big treat for the whole neigborhood!

He only has one strict rule to be followed at all times. Children are only allowed to swim at his house if they are accompanied by an adult who is willing to keep a close watch.

Though Keith does not have any grandchildren, these kids are happy to regularly visit him and treat him like their good ol’ grandpa.

This man turned his lonely situation into an opportunity to bless others and bring joy to many!


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