At What Point Should a Parent Stop Helping a Child Get Up After A Fall?

when to help a child get up
help child get up

At what point should you stop helping your child get back up after a fall? The answer is  . . .

It is not just when a child is learning to walk. As parents, we find ourselves helping our budding heroes rise up again and again. It is just what we do. 

But, are we truly ready, truly prepared, for what comes next?

That darling child who once was so cute now breaks out in angry tantrums whenever an obstacle is encountered. You would think that a bruised knee was a broken leg. Or, a bump on the head was really a concussion or fractured skull.


Parents know that there has to be a point when we transition from always helping a child ‘get back up’, to, just telling them to. Hop up! Brush it off. You’re OK. Nothing broken, so just try again.

But, it is somewhat of a balancing act. If we hold back too much, it might be a signal that we don’t really care. And, if we are too quick to jump in and/or over do the soothing of the pain, we discourage the development of independence.

Nevertheless, we press on.

And then one day something magical happens. Suddenly the struggle was worth every painful moment as independence blossoms into mastery and then triumphant victory.

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