In A Heroic Act Of Kindness, War Vet With Prosthetic Leg Takes A Woman Runner Across The Finish


An inspiring moment in the closing minutes of this year’s Boston Marathon captured the hearts of many excited fans! An army veteran with a prosthetic leg carrying his friend to the finish line!

“My goal was to do it in six-and-a-half, seven hours,” Earl Granville told ABC News today. “We were 50 feet away and I told Andi, ‘I’m going to carry you.'”

A 9-year veteran, Earl Granville, lost his left leg through the knee in 2008 after his vehicle hit a roadside bomb while he was on patrol in Afghanistan. This is the fourth year Granville has participated in the Boston Marathon, but it was his first time running it without a handbike, he said.

50 feet before the end of the race, he looked at his guide, Andi Piscopo and decided to have one unforgettable finish!


“It was a spur of the moment kind of thing,” Andi Piscopo told ABC News. “There’s electricity in the crowd throughout the entire 26 miles but when you make those last two turns, you just get goosebumps. It is surreal. It’s such a feel-good moment. It was an awesome moment, an awesome experience. I had said this morning that this was my favorite Boston Marathon.”

Despite his condition, Granville committed to living an active lifestyle and has since participated in multiple marathons including Boston, Chicago, Detroit and New York. “I’m a public figure for mental health awareness in society and I always say, ‘You never have to carry that weight alone yourself,'” Granville said.

“My downward spiral happened after that,” Granville said. “A lot of hardships I faced, a lot of things I was doing. It was just very unhealthy choices I was making.”

“I had to change my attitude, and I think my attitude changed a lot just doing, being active,” Granville said.

“Never had I thought just a spur-of-the-moment thing would blow up into something like this,” he said.

This video will surely inspire you that whatever race you face right now, just finish strong!

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