Unsuspecting Papa Delightfully Opens Gift Of Candy, But Wait There’s More! The Green Package . . . His Eyes Fill With Tears!


It’s quite true when they say that real men do cry. We see men tear up on classic moments like when they see their bride walk down the aisle. But another beautiful moment that may cause them to be all mushy and emotional is when they find out they’re going to be a parent!

In the case of this man, he was about to find out that he’s gonna be a grandparent! His wife filmed the whole surprise and he was caught in a state of shock, but in a good way!

“Alright, I’m opening this,” he begins with this statement dedicated to his daughter who will receive the video. “I can’t believe you paid $12.65 for postage!”

“She wanted to make sure it got here on time,” his wife reassures him.


He begins to rip open the package.“This is a tough one,” he grunts while struggling to open.

“Want some scissor, honey?” he wife asks. He successfully opens the package with his manly strength!

“Oh my goodness, what do we have here. We got the good stuff in here! I got sunflower seeds. Whoop whoop! I got Butterfingers, these are not on the diet plan. I got me some Whoppers. Mike and Ikes… yeahhhh. I got some Raisinettes, were going to have a movie tonight. It’s going to be good and I got a green thing.”

His wife then explains that the green papered package should be opened. “No way!” he reacts by placing his forehead into his palm as he begins to tear up.

What a priceless moment! He looks up, points up and says “thanks”. A big thumbs up! This man breaks down in tears!

“Remember what I told you 26 years ago today on your birthday, pretty cool huh,” his wife says. “Same exact time line. Pretty cool.”

His wife reminds him the exact day that he found out that he was going to be a father 26 years ago. The same day and the same joy knowing that he was going to be a grandfather.

“God is so great,” he says.

“I love you pumpkin,” he tells the camera. “Praise the lord!”

Truly every good gift is from above. This man can’t help but be grateful for this added blessing in their family.


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