Toddler Sings Cutest Version Of “Old MacDonald” You Have Ever Heard


One of the most loved children’s song or nursery rhyme ever played is ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm.’ Almost every one can hum and sing along to it. The tune of the song simply brings us back to the joys of our childhood.

No wonder that this child, Josie Palonen, enjoys singing this nursery rhyme with so much enthusiasm. This young and talented child became an instant internet sensation when her video went viral. Her dad is her number one fan and avid supporter. He films her performances regularly like any proud parent.

Josie’s most watched video is her rendition of the classic farm song. She may only be 23 months old and speaks gibberish just like most other kids her age, but she already proved she can be a star! One will surely love listening to and watching her sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, especially the animal noises she makes along the way.

Her first try of the “E-I-E-I-O” was really adorable! Her face lights up and she moves along enthusiastically! She makes the cutest animal sounds and shows really lovable facial expressions!


She even makes this song a little bit of her own version. Instead of just singing about a “dog,” she changes it to “little dog.” Her “woof woofs” will definitely win your heart! She hits a very high pitched woof that would sound like a really tiny puppy.

She is able to completely mention all the animals in the Old MacDonald’s song with the help of her book and finger puppets. After the “little dog” comes the “little cat” and then a “little duck” to wrap things up.

The best part of the video is the grand finale where she starts getting into the last “E-I-E-I-Os,” and she decides to hit a high note for the final “O.” At the end of the song, this little girl exclaims “Yay!” like a real winner!

But there’s more cuteness in this story. Josie’s dad asks, “What song was that?”. She responds like one innocent child, “Piggy…. Cow…. And piggy…. And little duck. Little doggy. Little cat. Little duck.”

Watch this video and sing along!



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