Throwing Caution To The Wind A UPS Driver Warns Family And Douses Flames. Heroic Story!


Some heroes don’t wear capes. Some of them are just ordinary individuals whose hearts have the strength to face what’s ahead. Paul Pereira is just an ordinary man. He is not a firefighter. It’s not his job to try and put out neighborhood fires but he did it anyway.

The UPS driver was through his final package delivery when along the way he noticed smoke billowing out of a home in the neighborhood. In a quick second that smoke had turned into giant flames. Suddenly the porch of the home was covered with flames. Without any hesitation, Pereira sprang into action. He ran into the home and advised the residents to get out and seek for a safe area.

“I just ran over, banged on the door. I told the people in the house, ‘Your house is on fire!’ And they weren’t aware that their house was on fire,” Pereira told WCVB.

The residents were Brian Lavender, his wife, and his daughter. The family had no idea that their house was burning. They were upstairs and assumed the smell was from someone barbecuing next door. ‘The next thing [my wife] knows, there was banging (and) ‘Fire, fire, fire’ get out!’ said Lavender, according to Hiase.


Pereira then ran outside and grabbed a nearby hose to start dousing the flames as neighbors called 911. “By the time the fire department showed up, he had knocked down the fire. Had he not been there, that entire porch would have been engulfed. That entire house would have been lost. There would be no question,” neighbor Peter Brown, told WCVB.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. But one thing that is known is that the UPS driver saved the day. “He better get a promotion,” said an onlooker who captured the event on video.

If it wasn’t for Pereira, their house would have been “totaled,” but Pereira says he is no hero. “I don’t feel I am a hero,” he said according to Hiase. “I think anybody would do it if they saw a fire, you know, act on it.”

Maybe yes and maybe no, but either way the Lavender family is very grateful he did.


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