Terminal Cancer Victim Asks Comedy Performer A Strange Request


This video features an English comedian named Russell Howard performing during his Wonderbox tour. As Part of this tour he shares a story of one teenage boy who was battling cancer and that he had only a few days to live.

Despite having this terminal condition, the teenage boy named Dylan was fond of stand up comedy. He coped with the reality by listening and watching performances of stand up comedians. Dylan remained positive and funny despite all that he was going through.

This boy had only one request for his favorite stand up comedian, Russell Howard. You might find it hard to believe what this boy was actually dreaming of. Dylan’s dying wish was that he wanted Russell Howard to attend his funeral. Dylan was actually planning his funeral in advance. He even planned what his dad would wear and all that.

It shocked Russell Howard a bit but he was more than happy to grant his request. Russell also requested if he could share Dylan’s story during his show.


In this video, Russell starts off by saying that Dylan is the coolest boy he has ever known. Dylan was so funny during the time that they met and that he has an having an ipad with list of jokes. Russell was really impressed by that.

Russell’s way of telling this boy’s story will crack you up a lot but will also make your heart melt! The audience could not help but laugh and cry all at the same time!

It’s true what people say that laughter is the best form of medicine. Dylan may have been battling a disease at his young age but it did not steal his joy. He laughs and giggles just like any other kid.

The video may contain inappropriate language for young viewers. We suggest that parental guidance is needed while viewing the video.

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