Spelling Challenge. Can You Tell Me What “Y-E-S” Spells? The Answers Have Everyone In Stitches.


Riddles are tricky and confusing! Riddles are questions that has a surprising or amusing answer, or something that is a mystery or is hard to explain. Some people enjoy it, while some others don’t.

Some people are so fond of it that they would trick heir friends and family, record their reactions, and upload the videos to YouTube.

There is this one riddle that recently hit the internet. It’s the “E-Y-E-S riddle”.

The full riddle goes this way, “If Y-E-S spells ‘yes,’ then what does E-Y-E-S spell? It makes more sense written out, but saying it to someone… Well, that’s when they get confused.


That’s how Michelle Barlett tricked her friend with this E-Y-E-S riddle.

She films a video to capture his reaction. She starts by asking him what does Y-E-S spells. He answers it right, ‘’Yes’’! But he gets curious as to where this is going.

“What does E-Y-E-S spell?” Michelle asks him.

“E-YES,” he responds without hesitation.

And so Michelle bursts into laughter.

“What is happening?”, he asks with confusion painted all over his face.

Michelle asks him the same question again. Still, however, he answers, “E-Yes.”

“I can’t breathe!” she giggles and laughs nonstop!

“E-Y-E-S,” the man says. “E-YES!”, he still has no idea what is going on.

“What?!” he asks her, dying to know why.

The man tries to imagine writing the letters with his fingers and hoping to figure it out.

Eureka! He pauses for a moment. “Eyes,” he now laughs at himself!

Michelle’s video has now been viewed over 268,000 times.

Watch this video and try it out on your friends and get some good laughs out of it!


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