So Often The Most Memorable Performances Follow Moments When The Judges Laughed, Are Silenced, And End Up Cheering.



The popular reality TV show, “The X-factor”, has always captured millions of viewers not only because of the incredible talents being discovered but also the different life stories of the auditionees. The judges are always taken aback by the different people they meet on that big stage and what they could possibly bring. Truly, one can never judge a book by its cover!

This one loveable lady surely surprised the Xfactor judges. She is Panda Ross from New Mexico.

The moment Panda Ross stepped on the stage, the judges were delighted and noticed her vibrant energy!


She started by the sharing how she admired Simon. Her radiant smiles confirmed that it was not just a show!

Panda Ross also shared that she just recently had gotten back from a week in the hospital due to pneumonia. Despite her physical condition, she was determined to continue with her audition for the show. Her joy and excitement has overpowered all of that!

Simon then initiates the conversation,”So what is your name?”

“Panda”, she responds.

“What?” Simon asks in unbelief.

“Panda. Like the bear.”

“That’s your real name?” Simon still could not believe what he has heard. And so then Panda explains how she got her name. Everybody then cheered and laughed with her.

The other judge was also heard saying, “I can’t get past the name.”

Panda Ross began her performance and belted out every line of her song with such power! She wowed the crowd and the judges! She performed as if it was her last– powerful and astounding!

The judges could not help but give praise and applaud her amazing performance and personality.

Judge L. A. describes it: “I can’t deny how good that was. I can’t deny it. That was really good. I love that song. It was the perfect song choice. And look, you moved this room.”

Simon agrees by saying, “Panda, you sound like a legend.”

And we could not agree more! Watch this video now!

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