Population Explosion? Six Sets of Miracles in One Day! Never Before At This St. Luke’s . . .



The birth of a child is always an exciting event. Nine months of waiting and then the arrival of the little angel. But in many of the hospitals all over the country, the delivery of a child into this world is business as usual.

Hospitals go about their daily routine of childbirth in a steady manner. Typically, after ll, it happens everyday. There may be times that an emergency will arise and chaos and tension among hospital personnel will keep them on their toes for awhile. But they will always pull through no matter how tough the day was.   And in the delivery room there will always be surprises. This is one surprising story that would  be the talk of the social media world.

Twelve Miracles of St. Luke’s

Twins may not be an everyday occurrence in a hospital o but it does happen. At St. Luke’s East Hospital, they had their share of twin births. But this time the NICU was abuzzed! it was no ordinary  set of twins !..


It was unbelievable….

‘It’s never happened before at St. Luke’s East’, says Brenda Cornell, ward manager of St. Luke’s NICU, as she was interviewed via KMCB-TV Kansas City MO. And she has expressed the joy and excitement of the families that was part of this unexpected event.

SIX sets of twins were born in ONE day in this particular hospital!. Imagine the delight of the hospital staff and the families upon hearing the news! Imagine the joy of seeing twelve bundles of joy , ALL conceived naturally and born into this world healthy. !

The Ties that Bind

The momentous event will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of these parents. They may be strangers before but not anymore. they had something in common. They all had the same experience. They had the same joy. This will be a story that would be told over and over again for generations. One of the mothers, Holly Cheatum, as she was holding her twins Sophia Ann and Delia Marie , was so thrilled that she can’t wait to tell their story to everyone. These babies have something much more common than being born twins, theirs was made much more special and memorable.


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