Sisters Sparring At 101 Years Of Age. What They Are Saying Will Have You In Stitches.


You definitely don’t want to mess with these two cool West Virginia sisters! These two became instant social media superstars for being cool and rebellious at an old age.

Arlene Cody Bashnett is 103 years old and is known as Gramma. She has a 98-year-old sister Genevieve Musci a.k.a Ginga.

They became famous because of their videos with hilarious foul-mouthed banter on Facebook. They even appeared on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live. They were also invited as parade marshals for the 38th West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival and the 2016 Clarksburg Christmas Parade, according to U.S. News and Work Report.

Just recently they were featured on Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” show.


“The show was fun,” Gramma told U.S. News and World Report.

“Steve Harvey, he’s the one that makes the show. I watch it all the time. We just sat there and talked with him. It was great.”

During their guesting, Ginga started hitting on Harvey with her charm and telling him how handsome he was.

“You better watch yourself, girl,” Harvey responds half blushing.

“She doesn’t have a chance,” Gramma interrupts.

“Ain’t she the one who had four husbands,” Harvey asks.

“They were all alcoholics,” she responds.

Ginga then shares their horrible flight experience since they were not given the first class seats.

“It was terrible, it was miserable,” Ginga told Harvey.

With that said, Harvey promised these ladies that he would treat them a first class seat flight back home. “Ya’ll is my homegirls.” Harvey adds.

When asked about if they like being together all the time, these ladies reacted with so much fierceness!

“No, we fight all the time,” said Ginga. “She always gives me hell. Know what I tell her? I say “Kiss my ass.’”

Gramma shares that she’s sick of listening to Ginga and calling her every day to talk about nothing.

“I don’t want to hear that (bleep noise),” said Gramma.

“You don’t understand, this is the whole reason I want to get to this age,” Harvey said. “I wanna openly and freely cuss. Please God, let me do this with my best friend.”

These ladies are in a love-hate relationship, but mostly love of course!

The video of their guesting gained more than 50 million views on Facebook. Watch this video and see why!

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you are wrong…gramma is the older sister and ginga the young one !…and now in 2019..genevieve musci a.k.a. gramma is 105 and arlene cody bashnett a.k.a. ginga is 100 years old…time to say things right..