Articulate 5-Year Old Memorizes Ellen DeGeneres In One Of The Funniest And Smartest Interviews Ever!



5-year old’s reach the following milestones as stated on WebMD:

  1. Speak clearly using more complex sentences
  2. Have a greater attention span
  3. Recognize familiar word signs, such as “STOP”

And Nate Seltzer of Stratford, Connecticut sure fits the description. He speaks with complex and otherwise funny statements. This ability to articulate landed him on the Ellen deGeneres show – twice! His funny take on the the world map and reference to Donald Trump struck Ellen’s funny bones big time! After all not all 5 year old kids can come up with funny, socially and politically relevant one-liners.

Young Nate also made clear his fondest ambition of becoming a grocery store manager. Something that Ellen has been thinking about for quite some time. Why a grocery store manager? It turns out that Nate loves food – discussing the merits and demerits of an onion in amusing and funny details. It was a conversation made in 5 year old heaven seen on national TV.


And the kid’s remarkable attention span was displayed by his surprising geographical knowledge. Knowing the shape of every state, its capitals and pinpointing them on the map is no easy task even for a matured adult. But little Nate cruised through it like it’s just the natural thing to do. And when he started, no one can STOP him. Brilliance and sense of humor meld into one and Ellen was flabbergasted!

It was a good show and Nate was rewarded with something he has always wanted and loved – cheese balls. He may be deep but he loves life’s simple pleasures. Kids will always be kids.


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