Risking Her Carrier And Even Serious Legal Trouble A Brave Nurse Dares To Save A Dying Twin’s Life


Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born 12 weeks early, each weighing only 2 pounds..

Although they looked healthy, the physicians spotted irregularities, their respiration was erratic, not to mention being premature, they were both very dangerously small, thin and fragile.

The nursing staff was afraid that the prognosis did not look good for the premature children. The twins were placed in different incubators so they might obtain committed extensive treatment.

Over the following couple of days, Kyrie’s problem improved and she put on weight after her birth, yet her twin sister Brielle did not respond very well. Her lack of progress was taking a toll on her health and prospects. She shrieked and wept regularly, struggled for air, and exhibited low oxygen blue discoloration.


The situation became critical with premature twin was as her heart rate became out of control, beating erratically like someone having a panic attack. This condition was very dangerous considering she is a delicate, small newborn.

Despite the efforts of the doctors and nursing staff this tiny child did not respond. Standard clinical protocol was failing them. No one wished to admit it, but the prospects were not looking good at all.

This was a very harmful circumstance and her little system was being exhausted, literally, both physically and mentally. Her life was slipping away.

At this point of crisis, one of the nurses had an instinctive idea. It was actually revolutionary at the time. She took the healthy, thriving twin and put her beside her frantic sibling. What occurred next was nothing short of astonishing.

The stronger twin put her arm over the weaker one, providing her company and a comforting hug. The result was instant and also miraculous. You need to watch to totally recognize what you will see. It will melt your heart.

The entire Neonatal ICU area of the medical facility was shocked when they saw the latter’s health rebound. When all else failed … the medical professional’s know-how, the numerous IV shots and also the terrific efforts of the nurses … a simple hug executed the wonder, proving that touch, heals.

Unbelievable as this seems, that inspired nurse was who departed from standard rules and regulations, saved the day. Her action was not accepted procedure and could have had serious consequences had it not been successful.

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