Pregnant Woman With 2 Year Old Daughter Discovered Asleep, Benevolent Cop Renders Help.


One mundane evening while on patrol, police officer Tommy Norman was disturbed to find an empty stroller in the sidewalk. He further investigated the scene to see if there was something wrong. Lo and behold, he found, close by, a pregnant woman lying on the ground. The woman was holding her toddler to her chest to secure her while sleeping.

Police Officer Norman tried to wake up the woman to assist her and find out her story. She was scared when she first saw him thinking she might be in big trouble.

He later found out that the pregnant woman, Jessica was due any day with her second child to be named Xavier. Jessica and her two year old daughter, Kayla were left homeless and had nowhere else to go.

Jessica was fleeing domestic abuse and brought her daughter along with her. They were able to stay in a woman’s shelter but eventually forced to leave since they maxed out their allotted time.


So now they were back on streets. Jessica just wanted a safe place for her daughter and son. She considered sleeping on a stranger’s porch but decided it might be a bad idea. She was worried she’d be shot if she attempted to stay there and was not welcome.

Her last safe option was the busy sidewalk.

After hearing their heartbreaking situation, Officer Tommy did not hesitate to reach out and extend a helping hand. He paid for the motel where Jessica and her child could have a decent place for the moment.

Then Officer Tommy posted a video of their story online, an overwhelming response from other people reached them. Dozens of words of support and donations were sent to them.

The generous hearts of people all over the country made a big impact in their lives. Jessica desired to find a job to support her children. We too hope that this family can have a fresh start that they deserve.

Kindness, compassion and generosity, these make the world a better place not only for Jessica but for the whole humankind.


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