Neighborhood Grandma Finds 4 Boys Trespassing, But The Reason Brings Her To Tears



An elderly woman was to be apprehended for having tall grass in her lawn. But wait and see who came to rescue her!

Gerry Suttle, 75 years old, was issued a notice to appear in front of a judge regarding her lawn. The law states that it needs to be under 18 inches. However, this elderly woma was unaware of this law.

This elderly woman failed to appear in court because she states that she never received the letter regarding a court date with a judge.


Her situation was heard by a group of local boys and they did something that surprised us all!

“It’s a summer day, we don’t have season passes yet to Warren Falls. What else could we do? Just go out and help some people,” young Blaine Reynolds explains..

“We haven’t met her before but I mean, like I said, she’s 75-years-old, she needs some help out here mowin’. I mean, that’s the least we could do.”

The boys were determined to help the elderly woman to stay out of trouble with the law. So the group did a great service project in trimming down the overgrown lawn.

The group’s hardwork was that of a Good Samaritan. The neighbors even noticed the young boys dedication in trimming down the lawn despite the 90 degree weather. The boys were then joined by other neighbors in completing the task.

Just two hours later, the entire area was mowed and now complies with the local ordinance. The elderly woman was speechless by the result of the collective efforts of the boys and her neighbors!

“I cannot believe this. I’m very seldom without words but this is one time, you mark it down in history, that I didn’t have something to say,” Suttle said.

“I really wouldn’t want her coming out here doing it or paying a bunch of money when we could have just done it for free,” stated Brandon Reynolds, the brother of Blaine.

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