Kindness Transforms A Young Guy’s Life, The Reaction Will Have You In Tears!


“We can’t help everyone, but everybody can help someone”, a famous quote from Ronald Raegan made into reality in this video. Mark Reininga, an ordinary guy with the compassion and desire to help, made a great impact in the life of a homeless guy.

Reininga had seen Kieran and his mother living on the streets of Los Angeles for some time. He approached Keiran and started to get to know more about his life. The homeless guy did not know that his life was about to change. How could Kieran get a GED and a job when he didn’t have a home, much less an address to write down on a resume?

Kieran was 20 years old and had been homeless for the last six months. It was in 2015 when Reininga and Keiran acquainted. He learned that Kieran had dreams of one day becoming a game developer. Reininga “decided that it was time to help” and took his new friend’s hopes and dreams on as his own. In February of that year, Reininga and some friends launched a fundraising drive.

First, they brought Keiran to Target in Sherman Oaks urging him to “get whatever you want – anything.” Keiran shopped for clothing appropriate for work since he aspires to apply for a job.


Next thing on the list was to find them shelter for the moment. So Reininga booked Kieran and his mother a room at a nearby motel, then drove him to the post office so he could get a P.O. Box.

Finally, Reininga withdrew a certain amount of cash for Kieran so he could pay for other necessities while he worked to get back on his feet.

Kieran expressed his gratitude and appreciation for even the simplest gestures: “Just be thankful, be thankful. I’m thankful for a sandwich,” he said humbly. “I found some donuts, got some donuts, a big bag of donuts … I got that too, I’m happy about that, thank you.”

Months after this video was posted, Reininga shared an update: “Kieran and his Mom are officially off the streets for good!! You guys rock!! God is good!”



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