Karma, When Your Kindness Is Needed, Remember Bryan Anderson


A simple act of kindness can surely go a long way. One should never underestimate the power of kindness and treating people right. It’s effect is stronger and long-lasting than you think it is.

This clip shares a beautiful story of how one gesture of kindness changed lives of people. It creates a ripple effect that transforms a chain of events.

It all started when a man named Bryan Anderson helped an old lady stranded on the side of the road. At first the old lady got worried when a stranger approached to help her.

But this man politely explains,“I’m here to help you, ma’am. Why don’t you wait in the car where it’s warm? By the way, my name is Bryan Anderson.” He starts by crawling under the car looking for a place to put the jack, skinning his knuckles a time or two. Soon he was able to change the tire. But he had to get dirty and his hands hurt.


The old lady couldn’t thank him enough for such heroic act. She also told him that she was from St. Louis and was only just passing through. She delightfully offered him a reward for helping her. But Bryan refused.

Bryan tells her that if she really wanted to pay him back, the next time she saw someone who needed help, she could give that person the assistance they needed, and Bryan added, “And think of me.”

The old lady goes on to her trip home but decides to chill down for a while in a restaurant. The she was greeted by a waitress with clean towel to wipe her wet hair.

The old lady noticed the waitress was nearly eight months pregnant. The old lady wondered how someone who had so little could be so giving to a stranger. Then she remembered Bryan.

The old lady decides to pay it forward. She pays her with a hundred dollar bill but never came back for the change. But there’s more to the story.

The old lady leaves a note for the waitress with these words: “You don’t owe me anything. I have been there too. Somebody once helped me out, the way I’m helping you. If you really want to pay me back, here is what you do, do not let this chain of love end with you.” under the napkin were four more $100 bills.

The waitress ends her shift with gladness and comes home to share the news to her husband. She whispers to her sleeping husband,“Everything’s going to be all right. I love you, Bryan Anderson.”

Here we learn that one small act of helping and serving others in need can have an enormous impact, not only to the recipient but also to the giver. Just like a drop in the ocean, there’s an unending ripple effect happening!

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