Hurricane Irma: Shopper Surrenders His Purchase, The Reason? It Will Make Your Heart Proud To Be American.


Devastation, the kind wrought by mother nature can be very unforgiving. Such is the case with hurricane Irma. But sometimes the worst brings out the best as seen in Florida.

Resident flocked to the stores searching for provisions, bottled water, fuel containers and generators, only to come up empty.

Such was the scene at the Lowe’s store at South Semoran Boulevard and Lake Margaret Drive near Orlando. Fortunately they received an unexpected delivery of 216 generators early Thursday morning. It took only two hours for them to sell out.

Pam Brekke recalled the scene, “My father’s on oxygen, and I’m worried about this storm,” she said while wiping tears from her eyes.


Customer Ramon Santiago randomly approached Brekke and gave her the generator he was going to buy without knowing why she was in tears.

“She need the generator,” said Santiago, whose first language isn’t English. “It’s OK. No worry for them.”

She had traveled approximately 30 miles from her home in Sanford and had waited in line to obtain a generator. As luck would have it, the last one was taken by the customer ahead of her.

Brekke just stood there glaring dumbfounded at empty store shelves.

Then out of nowhere a stranger approached her and offered to let her have the generator he was going to purchase. Overcome, Brekke began to cry.

They hugged and Santiago (the stranger) went on with other purchases.

“I’m very overwhelmed by that man,” a tearful Brekke said. “That gentleman was a great gentleman right there. God will bless that man.”

Brekke expressed how comforting it is to observe others helping each other at a time crisis.

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