Hopelessly Lost, A Ring That Meant So Much Is Found In A Most Unusual Way 13 Years Later.


Misplacing a jewelry is every woman’s fear. Just a thought of it makes arouses panic in her heart. But losing an engagement ring on a farm? That means big trouble. How could you ever hope to find it?

Imagine the sadness that Mary Grams went through after losing her engagement ring. She lost it while working in her family’s farm. The ring must have slipped off her finger when she was tearing a weed out of the ground in the garden as she recalls it. Everyone in the farm volunteered to look for the ring but found nothing. That gave Mary an overwhelming feeling hopelessness, imagining that further searching would be in vain.

Mary had her engagement ring since 1951. She tied the knot with her husband Norman in 1952. Even though they have had a great marriage, Mary was still frightened that her husband would get mad if he ever found out about the lost ring. So she thought of a way to solve the problem. Mary looked for a replacement and bought it right away! Problem solved!

Thirteen long years later, Mary might have forgotten about the lost engagement ring but the past just presented itself.


Colleen, her daughter in law, had the most surprising experience while working in their family’s farm. Colleen pulled a carrot out of the ground and was surprised with what came along with it. A lost treasure was found! The carrot was formed while the ring was attached to it.

Colleen was thrilled to share her discovery with her husband and track down to whom it belongs to.

And her husband knew right there and then that the ring once belonged to his mother.

Mary was delighted to have her lost engagement ring back. Her joy escalated when she tried it on, the ring and it still fits her perfectly!

This diamond carrot is just as valuable as a her diamond carat. For Mary, it’s value is not measured by the price but by the story behind how the ring was brought back to her.

Watch their touching reunion in this video!



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