Devistating Crash, Their 3 Happy Vibrant Children, Gone – But Wait, After 6 Months Unthinkable News.


It was the saddest day for the Coble family when on their way home– Lori Coble with her three beautiful children – Kyle, Emma and Katie, their minivan was plowed into by a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of cargo at 70 mph.

Traumatically harmed and injured, they were sent to different hospitals by the rescue teams. The accident was highly fatal such that the best experts were unable to save the children, ranging from 2 to 5-years-old.

Lori’s body had suffered from the horrendous impact of the accident as well, she retained no memory of the events that transpired that day. Mourning and devastated, Lori’s husband Chris had to inform his wife about the accident and explain the loss of their three babies. The grieving Coble couple then began to investigate the trucking industry and its shortcomings.

With a history of speeding, Jorge Miguel Romero, the trucker responsible for the Coble’s life-taking crash, pled no contest to three count of vehicular manslaughter. However, the Cobles wanted more than justice. They demanded change.


“This is an industry that’s based on payment on miles driven,” Chris Coble told Meredith Vieira. “For a lot of truckers, if that truck isn’t rolling, they’re not getting paid, which really sets up an entire industry where it promotes danger and real safety concerns. These truckers are speeding, and they’re tired, and we’d like to get that changed.”

Despite their loss, the couple was favored by fate! Six months after the accident, Lori discovered she was pregnant. As the couple began planning for their new child, they found out that not only one life is growing in Lori’s womb, but three! Three precious lives–two girls and one boy, just like the children they lost. The couple’s three little miracles will never replace the unique children who died the year prior but the Cobles believe the children taken by the accident are somehow responsible for the life-altering coincidence.

“Your mind can’t even think otherwise,” Chris told LittleThings. “If you feel they’re somewhere watching over you, protecting you, and something like this happens, it’s hard to think that somehow they weren’t involved in crafting this.”

These are just some of the little surprises we get in life! There’s a purpose for every loss and there’s healing in forgiving.


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