She Got His Goat, But The Twist Will Leave You Speachless, So Clever!


Deep in the heart of North Carolina is a mountain called Max Patch. It is known for its beauty and a peculiar characteristic. It has a tree-less hilltop. Many people go there to picnic and play with their kids and pets. But on this day, Max Patch was the setting for a big surprise which involved a boy, a girl and a goat.

You see, Andrew Forbes had some big plans and a surprise in store for his girlfriend, Allison Jones. It was a surprise that would not have been possible without the cooperation of an adorable baby goat.

Consider the setting. Allison Jones and a few friends have retired to a favorite site on Max Patch to enjoy an idyllic day in the out-of-doors. She is playing with a dog and her friend is filming the occasion.

Then, at one point the young man who is doing the filming yells “Hey Andy!”


Allison turns around to see her boyfriend walking towards them, something she was not expecting at all. Even more peculiar, in his arms, he carrying a baby goat. Startled and confused she yells, “Is that a goat?!”

Then runs up to Andy to see the cute bundle of fur for herself, laughing delightedly the whole time. She is just getting over the surprise of seeing Andy with a goat when he drops a bombshell. “It’s yours,” says Andy.

“What am I gonna do with a goat?” Allison asks through her laughter.

The drama unfolds as Andy tells Allison to read the goat’s name tag. What happens next? Priceless! But you will just have to see for yourself.

It is a surprise Forbes had been planning for over a month!


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