Fledgling Cheerleader Devastated, Then Shocked When A Stranger Volunteers To Help – Elated.


Some children experience not having a parent around during their special events or the most awaited holidays. For sure it is heartbreaking not only for the children but for the parents as well.

Imagine the struggle that a parent serving in the military is going through– leaving the family back home while they serve and fight for the country.

This nine-year-old Addie Rodriguez was heavyhearted when her dad couldn’t watch her perform the cheer leading routine. Her dad, Senior Airman Michael Locklear, was an active military member based in San Diego.

Addie’s cheering routine was dedicated to her mom who was in the stands watching her perform and to her dad who was 1700 miles away. She performed with swiftness and grace until the routine was set to have a father-daughter move where the fathers puts their daughters on their shoulders.


Saddened and heartbroken, Addie was the only one who didn’t have someone to pick her up. “I just felt sad because I missed him a lot,” Addie cries from the depths of her heart.

But to everybody’s surprise, a senior at the high school named Matthew Garcia jumps over the fence from the bleachers and offers Addie to put her on his shoulders. “He said, ‘you can come on my shoulders,’” she said to the interviewers.

The crowd was taken aback by the heroic gesture of Matthew! He came to rescue Addie like a knight in shining armor!

Addie’s mother couldn’t believe what she was watching. It surely was a heart-melting moment!

“I’m glad I could make her day,” Matthew Garcia happily shares about helping the 9-year-old cheerleader.

Matthew Garcia is a great example for all the teens out there. He is willing to get out of his comfort zone and help someone on need regardless how difficult or crazy the ways are.

His young selfless heart makes us believe that there’s hope for our future!


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