Firefighters Do Baby Shower? Following Devastating Apartment Fire Amazing Show Of Compassion!



It was a sad day for Nicola Taylor who was about eight and a half months pregnant with a baby girl when a terrible fire broke out in the living area of her fourth-floor apartment in Lauderhill, Florida. By chance, she was able to wake up at the time of the fire due to the smell of the smoke.

Despite the extreme rush and distress, she urgently got out of her place and alerted her dad, cousin and a two year old boy to get out. At once she called the attention of the fire department by pulling the fire alarm. Fortunately, nobody got hurt or injured.

The family may have lost a home and most of their belongings but the most important thing was that everyone was safe. Unfortunately however, Taylor’s friends had hosted a baby shower two days earlier, and all the presents stored in their place were destroyed by the fire. Taylor’s dad Glenton said that he was only able to save a single shirt.


Stirred and deeply moved, the members of the Lauderhill Fire Department decided to support the mom-to-be by throwing her a new baby shower, complete with dozens of gifts.

“There’s no words to describe it,” Nicola, said to ABC News. “My dad, he cried. That explains it all. I never see my dad in tears. I would like to tell the fire department, ‘Thank you.’ I would like to say [to] everybody who donated, ‘Thank you, and thanks for the well wishes.’”

A GoFundMe page was created by Captain Jerry Gonzalez of the Fire Department to support Nicola and her family. Aside from the baby shower, they also presented Nicola with keys to a new apartment and some money so that she wouldn’t need to worry about a new deposit and the first couple months of rent.

“[The firefighters] had seen a whole bunch of burned up baby items and it was very emotional for the guys, being parents themselves, it hit home,” Gonzalez said. “They were compelled to do something. Something touched us about this family.”

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