Excited Mom Shares News, Her Son’s Reaction Shocks, Confounds, and Astonishes.



One can not really tell what is going on in the mind of a child. Children are gifted with a positive, honest and innocent thinking. They may be tiny and little in our eyes but sometimes they think more maturely than we do. And they say funny words too!

This mom got really giddy and excited to spill the great news to her two children. Seated at the car, this mother recorded a video while she shared about the big announcement. Unexpectedly, her oldest baby boy Tray freaked out in surprise!

“What you thinking?? Why, why, why you have to uh just get another baby?? You just had two!!” Tray expressed with intense emotions. “Why do you wanna get another baby? and just replace one of your babies?? there’s too much…”


“Baby, we will never replace you and Amaya.” her words of assurance comforted her son, Tray.

Their conversation continues and he adds by saying “That does not make any sense. This makes no sense. Because if it makes sense, you just got two babies and you keep them loving forever. I’m not having another baby between us.”

Opposite from baby Tray’s reaction, little Amaya was all smiles when told about their new sibling.

This mom even told baby Tray that he will get the chance to take care of his future sibling. His reaction was even more hilarious as if he was too old to understand about baby care. “Boy’s cry is even worse,” he said this while covering his ears.

Clearly, Tray doesn’t want to share his mother’s love with another sibling just yet. This is not logical for this little boy – why would a mom want another baby after she already has two!

His reaction is pretty hilarious, but we’re sure that he’s going to be a wonderful big brother to baby number 3! He ends it by saying, “Okay, then buy me some earplugs too.” He sure is one funny guy!



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