Emmet and Erling – The Uncanny Duo – A Touching Tale Of True Friendship


Kids can be precocious and hard-headed at times. Parents oftentimes have to remind them not to venture in unfamiliar and uncommon places and not to talk with people they don’t know. This is just a natural stand for parents as they just want their kids to be safe. After all, news about missing kids is every parent’s nightmare. But kids are kids; they would do the opposite of what they are told – oftentimes unintentionally. Such was what happened to little Emmet Rycher and old man Erling Kindem.

The Rycher’s had been neighbors with the old man for nearly a decade. But long as they may be known to each other they barely socialize at all and hardly even gave a nod when they saw one another outside. But all that changed with the coming of their little bundle of joy, Emmet Rycher. The old man took a liking to the kid and when Emmet was 2-years old he “discovered” Erling Kindem.

Emmet and Ering hit it off right away when the little kid made his way to the old man’s tomato garden. Emmet loves tomatoes! The round, plump, red, juicy vegetable was so enticing to the young child. And he happily went his way, shovel in hand, to see what he could do to help in the garden. And help each other they did! They had a grand time tending to the tomato patch. They played in the dirt and formed a common bond. It was innocence and maturity complementing each other.

The duo made the most of their new found friendship. They never lacked for activities on any given day – lawnmower races, playing croquet and riding bicycles are just a few. Erling seemed to have absorbed the kid’s daredevil attitude and youthfulness for he went at it with gusto never minding that he might slip and break a bone. For the old man had found his best friend, a kindred spirit.


But all those fun times soon came to an end when the Rycher’s moved to the countryside. They had a growing family and they needed a much bigger space. It was a sad moment for the two. They never thought of having to say goodbye to each other. But they promised to keep in touch. And they did. Erling when he was still driving would leave tomatoes on the Rycher’s front porch and other goodies and sometimes a note. The love and care is always there even when miles apart.

Even when the old man moved into a senior care center with his wife because of health issues, Emmet would still see his best buddy. Sometimes Erling would ask for them to visit or Emmet would ask to bring him to the old man. They made good their promise to each other, to be there for each other and see each other. They were there when Erling’s wife died. They attended the funeral. The best pals comforted each other.

But it was a different story when Emmet turned six. Erling’s health deteriorated. Emmet didn’t miss out on visiting him and even prayed the Lord’s prayer for him. They made the most out of every visit. But three days after, the 91-year old died. It was the saddest news Anika, Emmet’s mom, had to tell her son. They had great memories together and this will be heartbreaking.

Emmet was quiet for awhile. Maybe he just can’t believe the news? What is going on in his young mind?. And then, the precocious little kid said the bravest thing. He looked up and said time will come when they will see each other again. He had it in his heart to let go, very thankful for the short years they had together. And knowing that someday they will be together – in God’s perfect time.


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