That Moment When You Can Finally Put Your Baby Down And Then The Dog Rocks Baby’s Crib And, Unbelievable . . .


Being a mother can be exhausting. Raising a newborn requires monumental patience. Imagine finally getting your baby to sleep only to have the dog come into the nursery and rock the crib, but wait . . . what? This is no ordinary dog.

You know what it can be like. Along with a new child comes with all the needs and wants and demands on your time. Say goodbye to your schedule. Now you are waking up in the middle of the night, feeding, changing, soothing and even crying a little yourself as you care for that little one hours on end.

There is the breast feeding, the laundry, the pacing the floor. You become very jealous of your own moments of rest. Indeed the adventure of raising your own human baby can not only be tiring and expensive, but oh so worth it.

If you have even a small amount of help, things go better. You find yourself being grateful for the smallest of favors. Your spouse fixes a meal. Grandma stops by and does some cleaning. The neighbor brings dinner. Relief.


Sometimes the help comes from a totally unexpected source. Enter Charlie the Beagle. Here is a dog that changed everything. Instead of being one more problem to deal with, Charlie came with a unique talent.

When mom discovered Charlie’s trick, she was incredulous. Now she may sleep a bit easier knowing the baby is being soothed by a loyal furry friend. When you see Charlie the beagle helping out with the baby you will be dumbfounded. Somehow this canine has a keen sense for the young baby and what to do to stop the crying that is keeping everyone from getting some sleep.

With Charlie’s careful, patient, attention the baby responds. The cries soften and the bond between fur baby and human baby gets deeper and stronger.

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