Despite 189 Grueling Days In A Hospital Bed, Young Heart Patient Returns Home. See How Dad Breaks The News To His Son


Hardships, if overcome, can make a person stronger than ever before. And for one small child to go through monumental challenges, it takes a whole lot of courage and bravery.

That’s why this little boy in the video shows us what it means to be a fighter.

Little boy, Ari Schultz spent a total of 189 days in the hospital. And now, he’s finally leaving!

His battle started when an ultrasound result at 18 weeks in his mother’s womb revealed critical aortic stenosis and evolving hypoplastic left heart syndrome.


Doctors suggested that Ari should undergo surgery while still in the womb. Otherwise, his heart would only develop two chambers instead of four.

That makes Ari the first person ever to undergo two successful heart surgeries before he was born.

Even after his birth, he has undergone twenty more tedious surgeries to repair his heart.

Despite his unstable condition, Ari remains blissful and playful just like a regular kid. He enjoys playing baseball and watching Harry Potter with his siblings.

It wasn’t a smooth year for this boy especially when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure that required him to have a heart transplant.

A heart donor arrived after 211 days. However, his body rejected the donor heart.

Every single day was a battle for him. In March, little Ari had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest.

“He was given CPR for 30 minutes then placed on life support. At the time and as of now, his new heart was not beating,” the family shared.

Several more procedures were done and his condition has improved little by little. This little boy is man enough to face this battle and go home a victor!

The Schultzes celebrated Ari’s release “after 189 days inpatient in the hospital, 105 days since his…transplant, and 86 days since his cardiac arrest.”

We salute little Ari for being a warrior and an inspiration!



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