Dad’s April Fools Prank Leave Daughters “Steaming” . . . Too Funny.


We all guard and keep our own share of the most embarrassing moments in our lives! Some people don’t want to ever remember any of them. However, we may actually treasure some of those experiences in our memory bank regardless how hilarious, crazy or traumatic they may be.

We get tricked or pranked mostly during our childhood years when our minds are still innocent and too gullible. We all need to loosen up and have some fun anyway!

But who would have thought that this one cool father could persuade his daughters do something totally embarrassing?

This father instructed his two daughters to go to an Auto Zone shop in Chesterfield, Michigan, to pick up some “blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam.” Just wait until you see how his daughters reacted after accomplishing the task.


“We looked like idiots!” the oldest daughter yells as she stomps back to the car with her younger sister in tow. Their father, Rodney Hebert, laughs wickedly as he records a video of his daughters approaching their car.

“All of them were laughing at us! He said, ‘If your blinker’s not working you can try the bulb’ and he said that through laughter,” the oldest daughter continues with a laugh. “It wasn’t funny. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.”

Dad should be forgiven for making his daughters look so stupid – it was April first, after all. But they were undaunted even after an employee inside suggested they may have fallen for an April Fool’s prank.

“I was like, ‘No, we have a coupon,’” the oldest daughter says, laughing and covering her face in disbelief.

This leaves us wondering whether the two daughters would take revenge to prank their dad as well. We all just have to wait and see for the next April’s fool then. But now, just watch this video below!


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