Down An Out, Dad Begs For Money. Luck Until This Woman Comes Along



It’s human nature that people have the tendency to judge and treat others depending on their status. Classic example of this would be when we see homeless people on the streets. Two things may happen: one would be willing to extend help or one would just walk away and do nothing.

This is a case in reality. That’s why Colby Persin, social media influencer and a YouTuber, decided to perform a social experiment regarding the way society treats homeless people. This just gets more interesting!

The experiment is set to take two different approaches. Colby is dressed like a homeless person sitting down with a sign that asks money for his drug and alcohol expenses. One would think that what he did was absolutely silly. But surprisingly he was able to accumulate a big amount of cash. He was even encouraged by some passersby to get some drink and cigar so that he can let loose and get rid of his problems.


Colby returned to that same corner for his second experiment. This time he is asking money for his sickly child. One would assume that people would be generous enough to give and help him in this kind of situation. Who can resist and not help a sick little girl?

But the results revealed a shocking truth. No one wanted to help out and some would give him judgmental stares.

This experiment showed that it’s worse to be a father who asks for money to help his sick child. Some would assume that he is one irresponsible father. But asking money for alcohol and drugs on the street would be a creative way and somehow acceptable to some.

It is heart breaking to see that people just walk past the man asking for help. But after a little while, one good person was the first to stop and check what was happening with this man and his child.

At least, there’s still someone out there whose heart is pure and willing to help others.

To see what happened next, just watch this clip and share this to others!

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