Identical Twins Engage In Conversation. Can You Make Out What They Are Saying?


We shared a darling video of babies engages in conversation with words known only to them. In this video we observe these identical twins talking, and is seems they are engaged in creating their new language.

No doubt having an identical twin has its benefits. For one, you have a permanent companion for life. In addition, you’ll always have someone to blame. But it can also be a source of identity frustration as you try to be different from your twin. Your life will be one of constant events when you will be mistaken for the other.

Anyway, back to the conversation and language that is taking place. One thing that would be especially interesting to capture would be multiple videos as they grow older. How cool would it be to see the development of their language. Perhaps words and/or phrases could be identified.

It seems that, almost universally, the language twins develop between themselves is lost once they learn to communicate in the language native to their family.


Watch carefully and you will see attempts to mimic each other. This behavior is fascinating.

Their body language might offer some expanation as to exactly what is going on. Are they plotting a crime or their next invasion? On the other hand, it could just be a simple chat between two adorable and lovable babies. Decide for yourself. Watch an entertaining exchange and enjoy. Are they just being babies?

Or,could be something else is going on? With all the guttural sounds and grunting something tells me that mom might have a bit of a clean-up to do. What do you think?

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