Construction Workers Are Surprised By Cheerful Child Waving And Smiling In Spite Of Debilitating Illness.


Vivian, a charming 2 year old girl, was diagnosed with juvenile leukemia and was being treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Having this illness, she experiences symptoms like bone or joint pain, swelling in the abdomen, face, arms, underarms, sides of neck, or groin, swelling above the collarbone, loss of appetite and weight loss, headaches, seizures, balance problems, also abnormal vision, vomiting, rashes, gum problems. Just imagine what this child has to go through every single day of her childhood.

But this illness did not stop this little girl from having a positive and youthful approach in life. With a young brave heart, she faces the day with pure joy and smiles.

To cope with her long days in the hospital, she gazes at the view from her room– a construction site.

A construction site is not really a lovely sight but this little girl was fascinated by it. The view was that of steel workers digging, installing, framing, lifting, and a whole lot of tough work.


And to the workers surprise, they noticed someone watching them work from one of the many windows of the hospital. A little girl was smiling and waving at them. This little girl with cancer greeted them every morning with a sweet smile and wave- just like a ray of sunshine!

Vivian’s mother, Ginger, shared, “We had to wave until someone waved back.” Eventually two of the workers, Travis Barnes and Greg Combs, noticed the little girl’s sweet gesture from the window waving and watching them. Then they responded with a warm wave and smile back at her. They had spray-painted, “Get Well Soon” onto one of the beams and that brought a great delight to Vivian.

Any simple act of compassion and kindness can go along way! Watch this heartwarming video and share away!



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