Confined To A Hospital This 4-year-old Views A Football Game And Gets A Standing Ovation!

It’s a thrilling experience to watch a college football game. How much more when you witness it live? What an incredible feeling it must be!

Here’s a story of how a child’s dream to see a football game came true.


Wyatt Hemphill, a four year old child diagnosed with a rare immunodeficiency disorder, was admitted at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

The little boy’s condition had been getting worse to the point that even his immune system had become comprised.

The doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant hoping that it would strengthen his body, but it seemed like his body was acting up with the donor marrow.

“If the transplant doesn’t take, they have to do the whole process over again… It’s just kind of wait and see,” the father said. “The only cure is another bone marrow transplant.”


Wyatt had been sick since he was born and it has been hard for his parents to see him that way. But Wyatt’s father said that his child always manages to lighten up their present situation.

“He makes it easier,” his father said. “He’s constantly happy. He’s always trying to play with someone. He’s just so outgoing.”

One of Wyatt’s dreams is to watch a football game. And the hospital happens to be the home of the Hawkeyes and it’s stadium can be viewed from the top floors. Talk about the view from the top!

What’s more surprising is that when Wyatt watched over the window, almost 70,000 people in the stadium were waving at him in standing ovation.

Wyatt’s mom was so delighted and shared it on facebook saying, “First time he actually smiled and giggled since we been here. This is such an amazing thing. He felt so special! Thank you everyone that waved! I had tears in my eyes. Even through everything he smiled. ”

One concerned citizen, Krista Young, suggested that brilliant idea on facebook: “I think with the new U of I hospital addition open, Kinnick should hold a “wave to the kids” minute during every game. Can you imagine how neat it would be to have all of those fans, players, & coaching staff looking up at you sending a little extra inspiration?”

And since then, The Wave has become a tradition at every game in the stadium.

What a great way to cheer and lift up the spirits of those little children in the hospital!


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