Comical Story Of A Mysterious Noise. Home Service Man Gets A Chuckle When He Finds The Cause.



What would you do if you hear a somewhat creepy sound that has been taunting you for years? Terrified, yes!

Sylvia and Jerry Lynn, a couple living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had an alarm clock stuck inside their living room wall which beeps and shrills every day at 7:50 pm. It has been going on for 13 years continuously — every single night!

“Why not get the alarm clock removed?”, a reporter asked the couple this question. “No need to,” Lynn responded. “It’s funny. It’s a great conversation piece when people come.”


For some reason, it could have been Jerry Lynn who placed the alarm clock there by accident.

Thirteen years earlier, Jerry was planning to install some cables for his television. To do that, he had to drill a hole through his living room wall into an air duct located just behind the plaster. Jerry used a string to lower an alarm clock down the air duct from a vent on the second story of his home.

“All of the sudden the string went loose and I heard it go ‘thunk,’” Jerry reminisced that mini-accident.

Jerry decided not to remove the alarm clock thinking that the battery would run out soon enough.

“I thought at most, 2-3 months,” he said. “No big deal, we’ll never worry about it.”

But this alarm clock’s battery is hard to beat! It still is functioning after 13 years.

Fortunately, a local air conditioning company had heard about their situation and volunteered to remove the alarm clock for free.

“Are you going to miss the alarm at 7:50 every night?” a local news caster asked the Lynns.

“Well not if it’s on the mantle ringing,” Sylvia responded.

The alarm clock was a black digital model probably manufactured in the early 2000’s. The couple now displays their old alarm clock back to their living room for everyone to see. And the clock continues to function and still rings at 7:50 pm.

“You guys really love this clock,” the reported laughs.

“Well we do,” Sylvia nodded. “It’s gotten to be part of us.”

Watch this video and see for yourself!


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