Children, Faced With A Choice Between Ice Cream Treats & Giving To Homeless.


Ice cream floats’ cheerful music is like a siren call for children.

It attracts them, making them run to their parents to have a few dollars as they imagine ice cream sandwiches, popsicle and frozen yoghurt. But what if these kids were faced a tough questions we adults face each day: Should I use this money for myself or help someone who clearly needs it more?

Meir Kay, a YouTube personality, whose mission is to spread love and positivity has already covered a lot of subjects. This video is one of his most popular ones because it portrayed how generosity overcame self-interest.

That’s the subject of Kay’s video, which showed the innate goodness of humans.


The social experiment’s set up: A frozen yogurt truck sits on a busy city street. Seated opposite to the truck is a man disguised as a beggar, with a placard saying, “I need money.”

One by one, these children have asked for spare change from their parents, but as they walk towards the truck, they notice that there’s a homeless man sitting nearby.

One little boy looks at the coins in his hand, the ice cream truck and the homeless man.

Eventually the little boy decides to give his money away, showing how pure our children are.


But it’s not only this boy who gifts his dollar to the beggar, it’s all of them (and there’s a cuter plot twist at the end).


Meir commented this on his Facebook page:

Kindness is key! It’s what makes us human and connects us with each other. Whether it’s a dollar, a smile, or genuinely asking someone how they are we can spread kindness in our daily lives and by doing so make this world a kinder place.

All the children ran towards their parents afterward. “And with open arms! They knew that they did the right thing!”, one viewer commented.


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all practice this? Whether were getting frozen yogurt, our third pizza of the day or even throwing out leftovers?

Some believe the experiment was staged, while others defended it by telling the how their children selflessly behaved on a certain situation; claiming children are more compassionate than adults.


What are your thoughts? Watch the short clip below and spread some love by sharing this beautiful message. Sharing is caring!

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