Benevolence. Not Common In The Courtroom. See How One Judge Has A Change Of Heart



Judge Frank Caprio is the television judge on Caught in Providence, which airs on WLNE-TV. In this series Caught In Providence, we get to witness real cases and sentencings, often overseen by the popular Judge Frank Caprio.

Judge Caprio is loved by many because of his big heart, sense of humor and his love for kids. He even chats with the kids during their parents’ court appearances.

But not all the time it’s a good outcome in the courtroom. In this clip, Andrea is in court for a slew of parking tickets, with some dating to more than 10 years ago. Judge Caprio only sentenced her to pay only $50 in fines for these older instances.


But a heart-wrenching story is revealed when they move on to the topic of Andrea’s most recent parking violations. Andrea begins by explaining the most recent ticket. “I went to Social Security because they had cut my check. My son was recently killed last year, so they cut my check because he owed money […] I had to go to Social Security to fix that matter. When I came out, I had a ticket.”

It turns out Social Security had been holding her check as a result of a $75 overpayment they claimed her son had received when he was already deceased. With that on hold, Andrea then had to go to eviction court against her landlord.

She then received yet another ticket. She shared by saying, “I was in court because my landlord was trying to evict me… Come out, I’ve got a ticket. Mind you, he won possession of the apartment, so I had to move.”

Although Andrea sought-out legal aid services to help her, her luck just kept getting worse. “I tried to go to the legal services to try to get help to fix this. I go get some change out of Dunkin Donuts. I come out, I’ve got a hundred dollar ticket. It’s like I can’t win,” she cries.

With that said, the judge decides to lower Andrea’s fines down to a total of $50. Andrea says she is able to pay it today, and the amount would leave her with $5 left in her pocket.

Just as she is about to leave, the judge tells her that she does not have to pay anything.

Judge Caprio’s comforts her with these words, “The horrific story you told relative your son. I don’t think anyone in their lifetime would want to experience that […] I’m not going to leave you with $5. I’m going to dismiss everything. Thank you.”


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