Beach Excursion With Ailing Grandparents Provides The Perfect Backdrop For A Secret Proposal


Grandparents are like fairy godparents who spoil us with their love and are always willing to make our wishes come true. Our dear grandparents are grand for a whole lot of reasons! Some of our most cherished childhood memories are spent with them as well. Who doesn’t love an old-school recipe cookie baked with love by grandma? Who doesn’t laugh at grandpa’s jokes? These are just few of the perks of having our grandparents around.

Angi Grippo is blessed to have her grandparents live just across the street. Her childhood was fun because of them. Angi shares how she loves spending quality time with them over breakfast and would snuggle with them at night.

However Angi and her family moved away and so she missed her grandparents’ presence. She would always call her grandparents and talk to them daily to keep their relationship strong despite the distance

Her grandparents, Cosmo and Doris, grew ill and only had few months to live. Angi received a call from them along with a request. Her grandparents wished to go on a grand trip. For one last time they wanted to go the beach with the whole family. Their request was granted and so the family arranged the trip to Florida’s Daytona.


At that time, Angi was in a serious relationship with Toby. She was saddened when she learned that her grandparents may not be there with them anymore by the time they eventually tie the knot. Toby knew all along how Angi loves her grandparents. So he decided to make a big surprise during the big trip at the beach.

The trip on Daytona Beach was set with a secret plan involving the family but not Angi. It started when one of the nieces serenaded and offered a beautiful song for the family. It was the perfection distraction and that allowed Toby to prepare for the proposal.

While Angi was focused on her niece’s performance, Toby was right behind her ready to surprise her.

Toby tapped Angi’s back to get her attention. And as soon as she turned around, Toby was down on his knees with a ring. He received a big and sweet Yes!

Angi was beyond happy to be engaged and have her grandparents witness it. She then gave her grandparents the sweetest hugs. Her tough grandpa Cosmo became so emotional and started to weep. It was a touching moment for the whole family. Her grandparents wish was granted and so was hers!

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