As Military Couple Exchange Vows Groom’s Young Son Is Caught Up In Emotion.



What a lovely day to celebrate the love of two military officers! Emily Leehan, a senior airman in the Air Force, is the lovely bride of Marine Sgt. Joshua Newville. Their wedding was held at Quincy Cellars in New York.

Their wedding was made even special when Emily prepared and recited a touching vow to her groom’s son, Gage. Emily shared that her bond with Gage has been “nothing short of perfection”.

Just when she started sharing her meaningful vows, her soon-to-be stepson was moved to tears and he just could not help but embrace her! The kid was so overwhelmed by the sweet gesture of Emily that he cried his heart out at the altar.


Emily shares these words with sincerity, “I know that you and I will butt heads, but I hope with all my heart that as you become a growing man, you will understand my methods and realize I have only done what is best for you and that I love you.”

“When she started reciting the vows, that’s when the emotion took over and he lost it,” Newville told ABC News. “The whole day was pretty emotional, so I was just trying to keep myself together and keep him together.”

Emily finished her vows with these meaningful words, “I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.” The two shared a hug and a kiss.

After the wedding ceremony, Gage was told how special he made the moment, “We were telling him, ‘You did awesome,’ and our family and friends were saying that and told him he made it even better,” Newville said.

The newlyweds will not have a honeymoon at this time since they are both active-military couple. They are scheduled to return to their Joint Base McGuire-Dix-LakeHurst, New Jersey.

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