Adorable 3-year-old Sings Popular Disney Song “Part Of Your World”


Every kid who has seen a Disney movie can surely sing along with its soundtrack. Just like “The Little Mermaid” movie, an animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1989, is one of the best selling and top rated films!

One of the most remembered songs from the The Little Mermaid movie is “A Part Of Your World.”. It has been performed by famous singers and had many covers from aspiring musicians. This song is also played in theaters and even in school events.

But who would have thought that a little three-year-old girl is able to sing every line of this song with precision and of course with passion.

This little girl is Claire Ryann Crosby. She and her father Dave decided to record a video of her singing the song with professional audio equipment, which really allows you to hear the crispness and the cuteness in Claire’s voice.


Her video went viral for so many reasons! She is so adorable. She remembers all the words from the song. She has a pitch-perfect voice. And she’s just three years old!

Claire performs in front of the microphone with an adorable princess costume accompanied by a matching bow for her hair.

At the end of the video, Claire even asks her father: “Did I do it, dad?”. When her dad responds with a positive feedback, little Claire screams very happily,“I did it!”.

The idea of filming little Claire while singing came from her father Dave while the two were standing in line for an oil change. Out of nowhere, little Claire started singing like an innocent kid enjoying the little things in life. Her moment was caught by the other customers and some of them even grabbed their smartphones to film Claire’s rendition.

After her videos went viral, this little girl now has a successful YouTube channel named ‘Claire and the Crosbys’ where they post videos of their life and more of Claire’s performance.

Watch little Claire’s adorable performance below!

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