Abandoned At The Age Of 12, Boy Resolves To Overcome Obstacles, Provide For His Family . . . Inspiring.

Every person has a story to tell. Sometimes the happiest people are those who have the most languishing struggles, and even the richest people still feel emptiness despite the things they have in life. You can never judge a person’s life because each struggle is different from yours. Same stories, but never the same impact.


Here’s a story of a young man who had beaten the tremendous obstacles in his life. His goal is not only survive, but also to thrive.

“Here’s $20, I bought you guys some groceries. I’m leaving.” were the very last words from their mother. The Robles brothers were abandoned by their mother at the age of 12 and their father was in jail.

The boys had to be put into foster care because of their situation. They never wanted to be separated from each other but the state had to separate them. Devastated but hopeful, the boys vowed that they will soon be reunited.


Jose, one of the Robles siblings, promised that one day he would buy his own house, take care of his own brothers, and be together again as family.

Jose did not let this situation bring him down. So he began putting his dreams into action by getting a job. He worked his way up until he could make money while going to school. He eventually got a job at the library and got promoted as the assistant branch manager by the time he was 24.

This hardworking and driven young man saved $15,000, which he used to put a down payment on a house. When most kids would be buying sneakers and electronics, Jose purchased a home for himself and his brothers.

The house was a repossession and in terrible condition, but Diane Cox with Just In Time showed up, well, just in time. Her organization helps foster kids, so she got volunteers together and they renovated Jose’s house to make it a home.

“We knew this house was in great disrepair. So we put out the word and people just started volunteering.”

Jose’s siblings were taken aback when they learned that Jose was saving to buy a house for them. Jose leads the house and became the parent that his siblings could look up to.

Learn to rise above the situation and be determined to reach your goals. If Jose was able to do it, so can you!

together and they renovated Jose’s house to make it a home.

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