Sometimes we come across articles, shows, videos that stir our feelings and melt our hearts.And we stop to read or watch, savoring that moment,feeling the energy and excitement and thrill of the rescue. Imagine how these people feel as they trudge on swollen waters, freezing cold ice, muddy slides, cramp nooks and crannies, insane traffic and totally insane heights!.A spontaneous action and fast thinking decision to save lives. That innate kindness of man gives us that warm feeling that makes us want and laugh at the same time – good vibes, big time!.

There are a number of videos over the internet that shows man’s capacity to help and be of help – to other human beings and to animals as well. Videos of sailors rescuing a dog from the icy waters not minding the cold , people rescuing a dog from a swollen river, a lamb and a kitten rescued from a drain, and who could forget that dog who was stuck in a pipe? There are dolphins, bears , a whale, a koala, a family of ducks, ducklings, chickens and man itself all in a situation of distress. And man was there to offer help, to lend a hand, and even risk life. And it was an amazing sight!.

Seeing these videos restores our faith in humanity . It makes us believe in the kindness of other people. That there are still those who are more than willing to go the extra mile to help those in need – family, friend , foe or stranger .There are still people willing to do good. And they are all captured on video. It wasn’t planned or staged – you can never be prepared for an emergency no matter how much we anticipate it . We just jumped right in with eyes closed and hearts open.

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