A Girl She Starts To Sing Along With A Popular Tune On The Radio, And Then . . .


Confess, you have at some point been guilty of singing in the shower. Why? There are two places that are actually well suited for belting out your favorite tune. One such location is in the shower and the other happens to be in your car.

One main advantage is that both provide good acoustics. And since they keep the sound contained within a small place. The result? It is great for those of us who suffer from less than perfect pitch and can’t carry a tune!

Another aspect of singing in the bathrooms or car is the fact that when we find ourselves in private circumstances we tend to ignore inhibitions. Singing alone returns a certain enjoyment. Not only is it fun, it helps pass the time on a long trip. Just setO the radio to your favorite tunes and sing along.

Of course, there is one thing that can make it even better. If you have a true friend, one who does not care if you sing off key, then singing alongside your best friend can be one of the most fun things you can do.


For Annie, the girl in the video below, that means engaging in her passion of singing with her adorable dog named Lola. She often takes Lola along with her on trips. Lola, big sweet puppy, is a Shiloh Shepherd and she loves Annie. As you can imagine, she enjoys accompanying her owner and going for car rides.

Well-behaved and obedient, Lola settles right in comfortably on the back seat. Clearly, she feels right at home in the car, and no doubt she likely spends a lot of time riding with Annie.

As shown in the video below, the pair are cruising down the road when Queen’s smash hit song We Are The Champions comes on over the speakers. Annie joins in and starts to sing. After a few moments the timeless classic proves irresistible and Lola too adds her voice!

Lola ‘sings’ or better, ‘howls’ along with Annie. Soon she’s rocking back and forth, fully enjoying the momentn. What Lola lacks in harmony she makes up in enthusiasm. The two best friends carry on down the open highway totally enjoying the awesome tune without a care in the world. They truly are best friends who love each other! Don’t forget to pass this on to all the dog lovers you know. Enjoy!

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