27-Yr-Old Takes In 4 Abandoned Sisters — Then Emergency Call Leaves Her Floored.


A late night phone call in September 2011 turned the life of a 27-year old young lady, Lacy Dunkin upside down – she became an instant mother of four abandoned sisters.

Dunkin had just completed her foster care training in June of that year and in September, she was asked by a social worker if she could accept 4 young siblings into emergency foster care. Dunkin said ‘YES’ without any hesitations and welcomed the 4 young girls (5-year old, 2-year old twins, and 1 year old) into her home in that same night.

Dunkin was still in her mid-20’s and was still living with her parents at that time. Her mom and dad were  the ones who encouraged her to consider foster care. Lacey was single then, and believed that marriage is not a prerequisite for having wonderful children.



After nine months of being a mom and caring for the girls, Lacey received a news that they’re going back to live with their birth mother.

One month later, the girls’ birth mother called Dunkin and asked if she could take back her daughters together with the fifth little girl that had been born the night Dunkin was called by the social worker.

Lacey immediately agreed to the request, not knowing that another surprise is waiting for her. The birth mother of the girls was pregnant with her sixth child (another beautiful baby girl).  In 2013, Lacey Dunkin legally adopted the 5 girls and youngest sibling in 2015.

Today, the 6 wonderful girls are happily living together with Lacey. The girls can be seen on Dunkin’s Instagram page – playing soccer, hanging on the beach  and baking some pastries with her.

The girls look like they finally have the happy life they all deserve together with their super mom, Lacey Dunkin, how could they not be?

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